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Humane Handling Enforcement Actions are generated when a USDA inspector happens to witness an activity that violates the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act. 
Some recent actions are below. 
Actions from the past year can be seen


JBS Plainwell, Inc, Plainwell, MI - EST M562M


Steer died from being entrapped and contorted

Dillsburg Halal Meat, LLC, Dillsburg, PA - EST 47544


Lamb kicked in face by employee, who then laughed about it

Huettl's Locker and Dressing Plant, Lake City MN - EST M7785

Reinstatement of Suspension

Hog shot 4 times before unconsciousness 

IQRA Meat Packaging, LLC Stamford NY - EST 901


Hog's throat cut while still conscious

Abattoir Associates Inc., Spring Mills, PA - EST 44910

Reinstatement of Suspension

Fifth ineffective stunning incident in a month

Puget Sound Processing, LLC, Rochester, WA - EST M45858


Sow shot 9 times with captive bolt before unconsciousness

Long Prairie Packing Company, LLC, Long Prairie, MN - EST M253


Downer Cow shot 3 times then cut 6 times for Denaturing while conscious

Unfortunately there are only about 1.25 USDA inspectors for each of the over 6000 facilities they are responsible for so it is nearly impossible for them to properly monitor the treatment of the animals.

Even more unfortunate is that poultry, by far the largest number of land animals slaughtered for food, are exempt from the humane slaughter act so you will not see any violations related to them on this page.

You can check out more raw information on our 

FOIA page

Updated 9-5-2022

Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight ... Albert Schweitzer

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